Sunday, April 25, 2010

What have you been up to lately?

Thought I'd give you guys an update on how things are going for us professionally. The good news is, we are currently employed -- which these days is a cause for celebration. A while back we were hired to write a cool horror movie called HELLVIEW. It's a gory and suspenseful movie about....nah. I'm not going to spoil it.

I've also been finishing up post on FERTILE GROUND, a creepy little ghost story I made for After Dark. It's pretty good, and something very different from AUTOPSY and NIGHT OF THE DEMONS. Anyway, that should be coming out relatively soon as part of the After Dark Originals series. One cool thing about FERTILE GROUND is that it's a script that Jace and I wrote a while ago and never thought it would be made, even though we both loved it.

Hey, Jace here now. First post to this blog, and I figured this one was a good one to hijack halfway through. I'm really psyched about FERTILE GROUND -- the story idea sprang from an image I had and the female protagonist, Emily, is one near and dear to my heart. My fingers are crossed that some of you will like it as well!

Adam back. Look for NIGHT OF THE DEMONS in a theater near you on September 23rd. I can't wait for people to finally see that -- it's just pure horny-horror-party-punk rock fun, and it has the soundtrack of my dreams.

Other than this, we've just been speccing and pitching and all those wonderful things that go with trying to make a living in this crazy business.

Blood, guts and pussy,

Adam G

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  1. I had the opportunity recently to read your script Hellview. The writing is good and the script has a fine rhythm. But what is it about? At base it feels like a subtle and deranged anti-communist screed: no religion, socialist business practices = kill outsiders. Was that your intent? If not, what then?

    Culture clash in the style of 'Witness', 'Deliverance' - even 'The Village' would seem to require more austerity, harder lines between insider and outsider. You blur them. Did you think about making the lines more concrete? Or suspending them altogether as with Shirley Jackson (so that everyone's an insider)? If not, why not? I'd be curious to know your intent.

    Decent sentences throughout.